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Should homemades be permitted to nerf?

Should homemades be permitted to Nerf?
I know there has been a big discussion between if homemades are really nerf. I’m on the standpoint that they’re not nerf. I don’t think they should be permitted to nerf wars at all. I think it’ll be the death of nerf. I think that for two reasons. 1) Why do we need nerf guns if we can make our own? 2) They are too powerful. What would happen if there was a death involved with nerf because of some moron that made a home made, and shot some one in a nerf war and killed him with it. What do you think would happen then? Nerf would at least go out of business, and that would destroy the in tire hobby of nerf. I think they spring pistols are ok, as the most powerful it could ever be is a crossbow, and in that case it would be ok. The air homemades are the real problem, as they are to powerful to be used in a nerf war, mach less any living thing (I don’t count, I’m dead ;))
There is the other side that homemades are really nerf. For some, nerf is just a gun that fires a foam projectile. Not all of them are too powerful. Some are as powerful as modded super soaker. A solution would be to put limits on the guns. It would have to be some pretty good limits though. Is it really worth it though? You could be risking lives, just because you wanted to make a homemade, and not use nerf gun.
I still think you shouldn’t it’s worth it to use homemades in a nerf war. I know your not exactly putting lives at risk, but it’s still dangerous. I know I’m sounding like a wuss, but I don’t want the great sport/hobby/lifestyle of nerf to die because of a dumb thing like homemades. Is this how you want nerf to die? I don’t know about you, but I don’t, I want it to die fighting for it’s life, taking any body it can down with it, like the movie pearl harbor “If you get shot down, fly straight into them, and kill as many bastards as you can.”.
So, I’ve gave you some facts with both sides. You decide, Should homemades be permitted to nerf?


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