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Creativity in Nerf, where has it gone?

Is creativity in Nerf gone? It seems like it to me, and it needs to be helped. We've been seeing the same mods, and the same guns being modded. Sure you’ve got some new paint jobs, but really what's the point in painting a gun your never going to use because it's painted, and even if you are going to use it, what's the point in having a gun that looks slightly better, it's a toy gun. There needs to be some new ideas, some new sparks of ideas for modifications, any thing at all new. I'm getting bored at all the same things being done over and over, then some one saying it's new.

We seriously need some change in the NIC. I'm sick of seeing the same crap, over and over again. We have a great newfound interest in spring homemade pistols, but is that really Nerf? In fact, I don't think homemade Nerf guns are really even Nerf. Homemades shouldn't be the future, and only originality of nerf, but I'm not saying that they shouldn't be completely excluded. That's a different subject though.

Maybe when the new nerf guns come out it will create a spark of creativity. Or being complete and utter morons, not pay attention to the new guns, and every body will be doing the same thing. It already sounds like the new pistols will be ignored, because you think it will have poor ranges. Have you opened the gun? NO. Have you seen the potential behind the new guns? NO. Stop making predictions that decide what you think about the gun. Is there any chance for nerf being original again? There might be, if any body will actually try something new. I know there is some that feel the same way as me. At this rate, maybe even nerfing could get old. I'm probably exaggerating, but if we keep up at this rate, nerf could die, or at least loose some nerfers. But do you care?

All we need is one person to try some thing new, and then we could have every one doing the new type of mod. Then you would have refreshment in nerf. I'm not saying we need this, but it would be great if we did. All I'm saying is that some new ideas wouldn't hurt, and it would definitely help a lot.

It's up to you and me to do some thing original for once, so get off your lazy butt and do it all ready.



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