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How to pick the right nerf gun, for you and you alone.

Picking the right Nerf gun.

I know some of you may disagree, but the most legendary and sought after guns may not be the right guns for you. The decision factor for if you use a gun as your primary should not, and should never be if Spoon, or Vacc, Cxwq, or Shinny, or any of the veteran nerfer use the gun. There is alot of good guns untouched because they aren't used by the veteran or have been talked bad about by nerfers. A Nerf gun should be picked because of your playing style. I am so sick of newer nerfers talking about their uber crossbows or teh roxorz lnl. There have been more threads about NF's, which is a good thing. Another thing is that a lot newer nerfers judge a Nerf gun about range, and only range. If a Nerf gun isn't the best in range for them, and then they ignore it. Range is not the only thing deciding if that gun is for you. There have been a lot of good guns un-touched by newer nerfers. I would love to see a variety of types of guns at Nerf wars, but I just don't think it's going to happen until I or some one else says this (not that any one's going to listen to me any ways).
Nerf has progressed in many different ways, styles of guns, and the strong points of each gun. Over the years, Nerf guns have been categorized in different categories. The different Nerf guns have been becoming very unique, and I use that term in a good way. For newer or beginners nerfers, choosing can be very overwhelming, and they will generally pick the most used gun, which is never what you want to do. I would like to point out also that not any single one of these matters the most.
The most common categories are (notice that these are just the most common, I probably left out a one or two):
ROF (rate of fire)
Speed of reloading (Not exactly a grouping, but a decision factor in choosing the right gun for you)
Range: Even though it is the most sought after aspect of a Nerf gun, its still important to some. It should be looked for by nerfers how like staying out of the center of combat, and making their kills from a distance. Note that ROF is lower on the higher distance Nerf guns.
ROF: Rate of fire should be sought after by people who like to be in the center of combat. ROF is a less desired aspect of a Nerf gun for the new nerfers, as Nerf guns with a high ROF usually get a lower range, but it is in fact very important, some nerfers over look this in a nerf gun.
Nerf guns with high ROF are the ultimate counter against high ranged Nerf gun. Although, to use ROF you have to have a certain amount of skill in dodging.
Accuracy: Accuracy can be effected many different factors. Poor accuracy can be caused by poorly made ammo, misloaded ammo, and poorly modded guns. Accuracy can be greatly improved by switching from micro darts to mega darts, but mega darts get slightly less range, but not enough to really notice (maybe 5-10 feet less).
Speed of reloading: Speed of reloading can be important when you're being rushed. It may not seem like it, but this can be a major point in indoor wars. I know this may sound alot like ROF but ROF is how fast you can fire the shots one after another. This actually can also make a factor that you can rush. An easy way to improve your speed of reloading is to add a coupler to the end of you gun, instead of having to ramrod your dart down.
The strongest point of the gun categorizes Nerf guns. The category should be taken into consideration when choosing the gun. Picking the right gun can be the difference loosing a Nerf war.
Another decision factor for a newer nerfer is and air gun and a spring gun. Air guns usually have a lower ROF (you have to prime it usually 3-4 times, spring just once), but have better range. Spring guns you only have to prime once, so they have a better ROF, but lower range. Most nerfers use both a spring and an air gun (usually air as primary spring as side arm). Spring guns are usually (as in the casing) smaller, so they're used as a side arm, where a larger range isn't needed.
Each nerfer has a different and unique style of nerfing. You have to realize that there is no best Nerf gun. A nerfer shouldn't be criticized on his playing style, and in my opinion a person who criticizes someone on his nerfing style isn't really a nerfer in my opinion. Remember, one's playing style varies from person to person, every one needs to keep that in mind.


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